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Hi, I’m Claire


I’m so proud to have made it a reality (almost as proud as I am of my little girl, when she’s doing as she’s told).

How Claire Morris helps small businesses with merchandising | Retail With Clarity

I help small and medium businesses with merchandising – the numbers-and-analysis kind...

People often think that merchandising is all about dressing and styling (“visual merchandising”), but there’s another kind too. The kind of merchandising that I specialise in deals with collecting data about what you stock, what sells best, how you price it – and then understanding and using that data to help your business. It’s all about planning.

For fifteen years I worked for large retailers, primarily taking care of their merchandise planning.

I was based at their head offices, working closely with their buying departments. One buyer I worked with called me ‘Clarity’ because that’s what I brought to our work. I always secretly loved the nickname and it’s the inspiration for the name of my business.

Supporting small, local and independent businesses is a real driver for me.

Although I loved my corporate jobs, I’d wanted to work on my own terms for a while. I started working on a side project, and 18 months later the time was right to escape the world of 9-5. I took a deep breath and launched Retail With Clarity, my flexible, boutique retail consultancy based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

I want to give small retailers the time to focus on the products they’re passionate about.

I’ll deal with the planning and analysis – all those numbers which you know are important but which weren’t part of your dream when you set up your shop. You focus on the products. Be warned, though. I’ll probably fall in love with your business while I work...

I don’t work 9-5, so you don’t have to either.

I can work flexibly, whenever it suits you best. Want to chat in the evening? OK! Need to be finished in time for school pick up? That’s fine. Best for me to visit on a Saturday when your shop is at its busiest? No problem.

I have plans…

At the moment Retail With Clarity is made up of… just me. But I love to partner with other businesses who work with the same kinds of clients as I do, so if that’s you (if you’re a buying consultancy, for example!), get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Morris | Retail With Clarity
About | Retail With Clarity

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