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Your business is unique, so I take a bespoke approach to every client I work with


Your bespoke package will be a unique blend of services. Let’s call them the raw ingredients to your recipe for success (if that’s not too cheesy).


Planning and analysis health check:

I’ll review your current business practices and find the very best ways of improving your profit margin and reducing your stockholding.

Improve your profit margin | Retail with Clarity services
Analysis tools | Retail with Clarity services

Automated tools, created with you in mind:

I’ll create tools which will support you to analyse and understand how your products are performing. They’ll also help you feed what you learn back into your planning. In short, you’ll have a clear picture of what works, and what doesn’t.

Find out how having a product planning document helped Annie from Ethereal London manage profit in her business → 


Workshops and learning:

At my group workshops you’ll learn the key skills you need to understand and improve your business’ version of merchandise planning. We’ll cover how to successfully plan your product ranges, identify and maximise your best sellers, forecast sales and stock levels and tackle those overstocked products (everybody has them!), and much more. I can run the workshops as a bespoke session just for your business, or you might prefer to learn alongside other businesses and benefit from their experiences too.

Find out how a 1:1 training session helped Lisa from Adelie Maternity → 

Workshops and learning | Retail with Clarity services
Virtual planning | Retail with Clarity services

Virtual Planning:

This service is the real gem. Working to a schedule that fits your business, I’ll analyse your product sales and recommend areas to grow or to cut back. That’s not all. I’ll also advise you on pricing and promotions, how to get the best profit return on your shop space, and the very best times to order your stock so it works for your sales forecast. You’ll have an expert (me!) on hand to cover all the areas you need, in a way that is flexible, affordable and realistic for a small business.

Claire’s expertise in retail planning, and her skills in creating robust, slick tools that support the entire cycle of planning and reviewing, were the perfect combination to bring simplicity and consistency to our ways of working.
— Sarah Morgan, Commercial Director, Pep & Co
Services | Retail With Clarity

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